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Among the various products we could supply, a very important part is occupied by different chemical products and catalysts: infact one of our main industrial competence is in this business where we operate since 1974, thanks to the following Companies we represent in Italy:

Johnson Matthey PLC – Johnson Matthey’s Noble Metals Division is a world leader in the supply of platinum group metal Process Catalysts, Precious Metal (PM) chemical compounds and the refining of precious metal materials from secondary sources. As a full service supplier, we offer a complete solution for your all precious metals needs.

UOP Ltd – We are distributor of all the Merox catalysts produced by UOP.UOP is the world’s largest supplier of sweetening and sulfur extraction products and processes, serving the refinery industry for almost 50 years. Since the first Merox unit was commissioned in 1958, our Merox products have enabled refiners to meet increasingly difficult sulfur regulations in more than 1700 process units worldwide. Merox WS catalyst was created specifically for Merox extraction units. It is available in a variety of packaging options to fit the needs of any installation. We can also offer a full range of catalysts for use in Merox sweetening units, allowing you to choose between Merox FB catalyst or Merox No. 8 catalyst when turnaround time and environmental concerns are critical. If your priority is processing tougher feedstocks, you should consider Merox No. 10 catalyst or Merox Plus catalyst. UOP also offers the only caustic-free process and catalyst options for those refiners whose primary concern is caustic minimization.