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ACT™ thermocouples are produced using a flame spray technology to deposit a thin coating of platinum, or its alloys, onto an alumina sheath.

Standard thermocouple wires, such as type B, R or S, are placed inside the coated sheath, which runs the full length of the assembly.

Service life: ACT™ assemblies have been proven to last full furnace campaigns of up to 7 years.

Coating thickness: The standard coating thickness is 200 µm, but this can be thickened in areas where protection is needed most, such as the glass line (see below).

Significant cost savings: The platinum weight on each assembly is reduced by 40-60% when compared to a thermocouple with a platinum thimble.

Weld-free designs: Rh/Pt thimbles must be welded onto an assembly. ACT™ coatings are deposited directly onto the alumina so there is no risk of the thimble coming lose and falling into the glass.

Stability at high temperatures: ACT™ coatings are extremely robust in high temperature applications such as in the crown (separate technical update on grain structure available).

Design: We can supply to two standard designs, STD/001948 and STD/002234. Both can be supplied rapidly from parts held in stock.

Installation: Installation instructions are included with every ACT™ thermocouple supplied.

Refining: All ACT™ coatings can be refined after service and the platinum can be reused for future coatings.