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ACT™ coated orifice rings have become standard production items for many glass forming engineers worldwide. A thin layer of platinum is deposited onto the ring, giving it unparalleled corrosion resistance against attack from molten glass.

Virtually any form of orifice ring can be coated, ranging from a 13” quadruple gob, used for high-volume container production, to a small 5” single gob for small-scale glass forming.

Key benefits:

Service life: An ACT™ coated ring can run for up to 12 months, depending on the relevant operating conditions. For manufacturers running long campaigns, this level of durability can offer major downtime benefits by removing the need for regular orifice ring changes. See our service history update for more information.

Gob size stability: Under normal production conditions, the diameter of each orifice erodes unevenly over time, leading to considerable problems with gob size and process control. The gob diameter remains stable throughout the service life of an ACT™ coated part, providing excellent gob weight control.

Key features:

Coating thickness: The standard coating thickness is 200 µm, although less critical parts of the ring can be reduced to 100 µm.

Design: Platinum can either be deposited over the entire surface of the ring or just around the outlets. This form of partial coating offers a cost-effective way of providing good forehearth control for two to three months.

Refining: All ACT™ coatings can be refined after service and the platinum can be reused for future coatings.