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Our company – GIMAT S.R.L. located in Rome, Italy – operates mainly in the business of trading precious metals (e.g. Platinum, Rhodium, Palladium, Rhenium, Iridium, etc) and of procurement of materials and services for the petrochemical, chemical & glass industry, instruments and biomedical parts and in many other business fields.
We are distributors, since 1994 of the following companies:

  • Johnson Matthey Plc

Johnson Matthey Plc (British company, world leader for the refining and production of semi-finished products based on precious metals and on PGM’s metals in particular) with the three main divisions Noble Metals, Chemicals e Alfa Aesar (this last one focused on the sell by catalogue of chemical compounds, pure elements, and so on for industry and laboratories);

  • UOP Limited

UOP Limited has been delivering cutting-edge technology to the petroleum refining, gas processing, petrochemical production and major manufacturing industries for 90 years. The company’s roots date back to 1914, when the revolutionary Dubbs thermal cracking process created the technological foundation for today’s modern refining industry. In the ensuing decades, UOP engineers have generated thousands of patents, leading to important advances in process technology, profitability consultation, and equipment design. In addition, our latest proprietary discovery methods for identifying new catalysts and adsorbents are enabling us to bring such products to the marketplace faster than ever before. Throughout the world, UOP customers are seeing tangible benefits by applying our decades of experience to their manufacturing plants. UOP advances do more than create higher yields, higher quality products, and higher profits for our customers. They also create cleaner technologies and processes for a healthier global environment. UOP was founded as the National Hydrocarbon Company in 1914 by California inventor Jesse A. Dubbs and Chicago industrialist J. Ogden Armour, with the goal of developing and licensing technology to the petroleum refining industry. In 1915 the name was changed to Universal Oil Products. Four years later, the company introduced its Dubbs thermal cracking process, a continuous process to convert crude oil into more useable products.

  3. MEROX 8
  • OIL-DRI Corporation

OIL-DRI CORPORATION is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of products for consumer, industrial and automotive, agricultural, sports fields and fluids purification markets. OIL-DRI’s products provide solutions for living — innovative solutions that help our customers make the world cleaner, safer and healthier, whether they are protecting crops, purifying food products, raising livestock, caring for pets or making work and play environments safe. OIL-DRI sells products that help improve your way of life. Whether it’s taking care of the family pets, improving the quality of the food you eat, or increasing worker safety — OIL-DRI delivers innovative solutions that help our customers make the world cleaner, safer and healthier. Founded in 1941 as a distributor of clay floor absorbents, the company now develops, manufactures and markets products for consumer, industrial, automotive, agricultural and fluids purification markets. OIL-DRI’s product line has been diversified by leveraging the qualities of its extensive mineral reserves with an innovative research and development program. OIL-DRI controls over 500 million tons of quality mineral reserves including attapulgite, montmorillonite and diatomite. These clays have been used for thousands of years. The earliest references to Fuller’s Earth, a common name for some of these clays, appears in the Bible. In this reference, fullers, who worked with sheep’s wool, used these clays to remove natural oils from the wool. Manufacturing processes and technical advancements have been used to enhance the natural characteristics of these clay minerals and develop products that leverage both their absorbent qualities, soaking up liquids into their many pores like a sponge; and their adsorbent qualities, active sites on surface which attract and lock up impurities, like a magnet. OIL-DRI operates an extensive research and development program from its laboratory campus in Vernon Hills, Illinois. In addition, the company has seven manufacturing facilities in North America and a plant in the United Kingdom. OIL-DRI’s unique mineral reserves include adsorbents that work like magnets to attract and hold impurities. Pure-Flo® adsorbents are used to remove impurities from food oils including sunflower, corn, canola, soybean, palm and cotton seed. These products are sold throughout the world to over 60 countries. They are applicable anywhere edible oils are refined. Some of the major refiners include ADM, Cargill and Unilever. Ultra-Clear® clarification aids are used to refine petroleum products and petrochemicals. Working with the same adsorptive system, they attract impurities to their active surface, cleaning and purifying fluids including petroleum, kerosene and jet fuel. Customers for these products include, Amoco, British Petroleum, Chevron and Exxon.

  • Mallory Alloys Group

Quality Engineered Industrial Alloys

The Mallory Alloys Group manufactures and supplies an extensive range of silver, copper and tungsten based alloys, sold under the brand names mallory, Elkanite, Anviloy and Elkaloy. These alloys have a number of remarkable properties and are available in many forms, from simple bar materials to fully machined components and assemblies. They are used in a wide variety of applications covering a broad spectrum of industrial activity, including the aerospace industry, automotive engineering, radiation shielding, the manufacture of household appliances, metal processing and electrical engineering.

We could supply the main products and machines for research’s laboratories activity, in particular based on precious metals and base metals, and we could also arrange for the refining of scraps.